Coin Operated Game Prop Rentals

Coin operated arcade, pinball, and other Game prop rentals are the next big thing for your production, staging, or photo shoot in the New York/ NYC, and CT areas!

We rent arcade games in New York / NYC, New Jersey, Boston, and Connecticut / CT areas. We RENT our arcade games in New York City, NYC, CT, MA for events, prop rentals, photo shoots, scenery, and productions.

The wide selection of games we have available include the following: arcade games, vending machines, jukeboxes, cigarette machines, and other amusements. Our arcade games for rent range from the 1970s-current day.


Our Specialty Arcade Game rentals are fully operational, and the exteriors are also very clean and in great condition. Allow us to help make you’re New York/NYC or Connecticut/CT area photo shoot, production or staging be the best it possibly can.

Classic Love Tester Machine for Rental/ Sale/ Props NY/ NJ/ MA/ CT

Love Tester Prop Rental


Strength Tester Prop Rental