Prop Fabrication and Restoration

Prop Specialties is proud to offer solutions to your set design requirements! Our custom fabrication shop offers Prop Fabrication, Display Creation, Custom Woodworking, CNC, Large Format Printing, Decals, Custom Welding, Painting/ refinishing, Faux finishing.

In addition to our 10,000 SF warehouse, we boast a 5,000+ SF custom woodworking and metal fabrication shop. We design, create, and deliver consistently for our Film and Television prop rental customers in the NY area.

Custom Prop Fabrication

We offer customization of props, design and fabrication of displays and fixtures, generation of custom graphics (decals, signage), and precision manufacturing with help of a high tech CNC machine for precision fabrication. See below for some examples of our custom prop fabrication:

custom prop electronics bar



3 Custom display cased produced for Swatch brand watches. Wood fabrication + vintage electronics, AC and DC wiring, faux finished top

vintage prop fabrication speakers



Off kilter vintage speaker display created for a major concert. Custom woodworking and metal fabrication. Hidden rear framework.

tipsy tv custom prop fabrication



Off kilter TV stack with modified and gutted TV casing, LCD retrofit, custom welded interior framework, and custom media player adaptation.

prop fabrication wacky TYV display



Modified mannequins with CRT television heads. Retrofitted vintage TV with light weight LCD panels, custom media player adaptation, concealed metal framework.

custom prop fabrication roadside sign



Customized with bespoke red arrow crafted out of wood. Double sided with incandescent bulbs wired internally.

custom prop fabrication snack bar



Custom built for outdoor theater. Wood, metal, glass and a bright red finish adorn this completely custom display. Two produced.

vintage TV wall display prop rentals NY



Custom plywood boxes created for each individual TV. Spray booth used to spray each box. Custom stage made to elevate the display 2 feet. Custom wiring and media adaptation to each TV set

Prop Modification

See a prop you are interested in renting but need it to look or operate differently? We can change graphics and colors on many of the prop rental options.

graffiti phone booth prop rental



Client requested an authentic 90’s style Brooklyn phone booth. Authentic graffiti sprayed internally and externally. Illuminated topper and internal light




Original 1950s prop was refinished. Stand custom fabricated. Internals replaced.

Electronic Expertise

We take pride in our ability to evaluate, troubleshoot, repair, and modify most all of our electronic props. Our expertise lies in understanding schematics, soldering, modifying existing electronics, repairing, and refurbishing all types of circuit boards, AC/ DC voltage, electromechanical and software based electronics.

Mechanical Expertise

In addition to simply offering mechanical prop rentals (such as vending, jukeboxes, pinball machines, etc) we can make them work for your scene reliably. We can custom rig most machines and include setup and operation instructions to suit the demands of the shoot.