Vintage Electronics Prop Rentals

Vintage electronics prop rentals are our next specialty for your production, staging, or photo shoot! Our vintage electronics are rented in New York / NYC, New Jersey, Boston, and Connecticut / CT areas. These are usually rented for specific events, props, photo shoots, scenery, and productions. Allow us to help make your event be the best it possibly can, it’s our specialty to properly assist you. The wide selection vintage electronics prop rentals available include the following below:

Vintage TVs, Vintage Apple and IBM computers, vintage boomboxes, record players, console radios, and more.



We offer delivery or pick at our location. Anything to help you get the job done.


We are the prop specialists, with your talent and our props let’s make magic!


70s TV prop rental

Our video, film, TV, and general video prop rentals include items such as: 

Vintage CRT televisions/ TVs, CRT monitors, surveillance systems, security cameras, film projectors, overhead projectors, VCRs, DVD players, camcorders/ video cameras, and vintage commercial movie cameras.

IBM vintage computer prop rentals NYC

Our Computer and office technology prop rentals include items such as: 

Vintage PCs/ desktop computers, laptops, printers, server computers, terminals, modems, PC accessories, calculators, typewriters,  adding machine, and more.

vintage stereo prop rentals audio (NY | CT | MA)

Our vintage audio prop rentals include items such as: 

Stereo systems, boomboxes, speakers, receivers, cassette decks, CD players, 8-tracks, reel-to-reel, record players/ turn tables, radios, alarm clocks, transistor radios, loud speakers, horns, alarms, tape recorders, and more.

green phone prop rental nyc

Our vintage phone/ telephone prop rentals include items such as: 

Vintage desk phones (rotary + pushbutton), wall phones, slimline bedroom phones, office phones, multi-line phones, pay phones, phone booths, pay phone kiosks, prison telephones, commercial phones, and emergency phones.

Do you have a passion for vintage electronics? Check out very nice classics on  Rewind Museum’s website.