Other Misc. Vintage Prop Rentals

Here is the “catch all” page for all of our misc. vintage prop rental pages.

Browse these pagers for odd and unique vintage prop rentals to include: classic car prop rentals, vintage medical prop rentals, Concessions prop rentals (soda fountains, water cooler, food items, etc), and Fixtures & Furniture prop rentals. These vintage prop rentals are available in the NY, CT, NJ, and Boston regions. Shipping and freight service may be available for some items.

1993 Land Rover Range Rover classic prop rental



Land Rover, FJ Cruiser, Classic Cadillac, BMW M5, more to come.

coffee concession break room prop rentals new york ny



Snack bar props, break room office prop rentals, hot dog/ popcorn/ pretzel machines, water coolers, juice jets

vintage diathermy generator shock therapy heat therapy medical prop rental 1950s



Vintage medical prop rentals to include Stress Evaluator, Circadian Rhythm, shock therapy, Ultrasound, Lamps and more

custom bar electronic bar nyc prop 3 3



Snack bars, desks, sofas, Display counters, and other misc. fixtures and furniture items.