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Offering more to the New York NY market than just prop rentals for film and television production. We are also proud to offer Party Prop Rentals to our New York based clients, as well as CT and Boston areas. Some of our most popular party prop rentals include: 1980s Party prop rentals, 1990s party prop rentals, 1920s party prop rentals, 1950s party prop rentals, and much more!

Our most popular NYC party prop rental packages are:

1980s party prop rentals NYC: Including authentic 80s video arcade games, such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, 80s electronics like classic boombox props, our Tribute to Television vintage TV wall that plays all of your favorite 80s classics like Caddyshack and Top Gun. Recreate classic 1980s moments with our real Green Screen photo booth! We have an awesome array of 80s party props available. Browse to learn more.


1990s party prop rentals NYC: Video games! Street Fighter II, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and NBA Jam! Display your bar menu on our 1998 Apple IMAC computers, stream your favorite movies on our Tribute to Television TV wall, and dance to the music with our authentic Dance Dance Revolution arcade game! Get creative with party favors with our skill claw machines, too! Contact us to learn more about our 90s party prop rentals serving NY and beyond.


Music Theme Party Prop Rentals NYC: Electronics props: boomboxes, records, record players, stereos, classic speaker wall, Aerosmith pinball machine, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar hero arcade game, Elvis Pinball machine, and much more. Contact us today to brainstorm music theme party prop rentals. Plan a music theme party in the New York area with our array of music party props NYC.


1920s party prop rentals NYC: Art deco popcorn machine, classic movie marquee sign, elaborate crystal gumball machine, vintage radios, prohibition style prize wheel and raffle drum, prohibition liquor display, Love Tester, Payphone booth, penny scale, and plenty more novelties to choose from. Plan your 1920s theme party in the New York NY area with our array of 1920s party props NYC.

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